Flexible Training

I'm located in SE Tucson, Arizona. If you're in the area, message me ASAP and let's get you started!  If not, personalized online training programs can help you reach your goals, whether in your own home or in a gym. My online clients have access to a video demo library and all of my favorite tried and tested routines.

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Nutrition Guidance

Proper nutrition is key to unlocking your fitness potential.  Learn how to lose fat, gain muscle, and nourish your body.

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Lifestyle Coaching

Motivation, encouragement, accountability and fun.  Help you get started and help keep you going.  Facebook community of support.

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Since 1993

Fitness is a Life-Long Process and Journey

There are a number of obstacles that prevent people from committing to fitness.  Putting together exercise routines, staying motivated, having fun, and holding yourself accountable are all possible obstacles to your fitness journey.

As a personal trainer and fitness freak, I can help you bust through those obstacles and find your true strength and potential.

I offer personalized training routines based on your goals and history.  The workouts are dynamic, fun, and challenging.  I incorporate a number of different styles and modalities, such as weight training, calisthenics, Pilates and Yoga, Olympic lifting, and mobility.



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