Luana P.

“I started with Catalina in late 2016; her mother and I are dear friends and when she mentioned that Catalina was a trainer, the light went off in my head and I immediately contacted her. After our initial meeting, I knew that connecting with Catalina was the absolute right way to go!

My goals were to be fit and potentially lose inches. I’m a fairly healthy eater, but I got so much advice in that department as well.  Catalina understood my goals and we went from there. I was completely committed to my fitness goals, so much so, I started supplementing my workouts at home! Make no mistake, once you commit, she makes you work hard.

I was totally committed to my fitness goals, her support and advice I took to heart and started to see some great results.

I highly recommend Catalina to anyone with fitness goals and just needs that little push! Catalina is tough, but she is completely invested in her clients success! A wonderful and amazing individual!”

Gabby W.

Why do I love her? She pushes me to my limits and shows me that I can do more. she is so good at working with any disabilities and still makes you feel like a wonder woman (or man)

But most of all, she makes working out on the days that you dont want to, and absolute blast.

Give her just 1 week. Because she will show you from the start that she is on your side and wants you to succeed!